In the US in the last weeks hundreds of people have been killed in mass murder gun incidents. Just before that the US Supreme court decided to make abortion in the US illegal for the first time in about 50 years. Also of course there is war in Ukraine which means very much that US is at war. (US has no soldiers fighting but it is spending many billions funding the war, providing weapons for Ukraine to fight Russia.) Inflation and employment and housing are all terrible here and things seem to be getting worse and worse with no sign that things will be changing.

People in the US love the US, and even people in much of the world love the US. I do not understand this at all. It makes no sense that citizens of other countries should love the US. It is imperialistic and violent and does harm to most of the world.

All most people can see is the potential for personal wealth, even if so few are able to acquire that personal wealth. People would rather wish for personal wealth, while allowing the majority to suffer, than to participate in cultural, social and political programs that benefit all.

I see all of this and I understand that things are the way that they are because people are stupid, and selfish, and unable to live ethical lives in a political world because they are too stupid to understand anything beyond the ability to care for themselves and pursue personal interests. It is awful.


I wonder how it would be to live in another country. I wonder how it would feel to not see my country as responsible for most of the hardship in the world, poverty, pollution, war, and more.

I hate my country. I hate it terribly. Which does mean I hate its people. There is no “country” that acts and makes choices. The actions and consequences which result from the influence of the US upon the world and upon its citizens occur as a result of the attitudes and drives of the citizens of the US. We have war and poverty and pollution and violence and more because that is what we want.

It is sick and awful.



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I am working on a doctorate in American Studies and the emphasis of my work is a study of poverty within the American Dream as a necessary/sacred presence.